Monday, March 21, 2011

The Incident at Tower 37: online!

Tower 37 is a ten-minute animated short film that was produced collaboratively at Hampshire College and has spent the past two years in film festivals worldwide.

We are releasing it online today, World Water Day, to bring even greater attention to humanity's role in creating and perpetuating this planet's critical water issues. Our film is allegorical, but the challenges we face are real.

Please enjoy, and share! Here are some links to more information and resources related to the film, its making, etc:

ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVISM has a recent interview with me and suggests ways you can take action, like donating to and giving up bottled water (especially those single-use plastic nightmares).


Tower 37 was created within the unique undergraduate animation curriculum at Hampshire, which offers a mix of individualized and collaborative instruction. You can get a taste of animation at Hampshire from a recent demo reel, reading a bit about our program, and/or by following the video journey of a final-year interdisciplinary Hampshire animation student.

Bit Films offers spring, summer, and fall internships for current students and recent grads who want to work on films like Tower 37. Watch the Bit Films website for details. You can also peek at the two amazing projects we're working on at the moment, Caldera and Tube, at their respective sites.


If you're interested in the ins-and-outs of producing and/or distributing a project like this, There's a long history of Tower 37-related posts on this very blog.
Tower 37 was produced using the open source web-based production management and support system called HELGA. We're looking for developers!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Three weeks of trivia

I'm posting daily trivia questions about Tower 37 on Twitter as a way to keep myself busy before the upcoming release. There's a #tower37 hashtag you can search on if you want.

These include some never-before-seen treats, like deleted scenes, concept art, etc.