Sunday, October 24, 2010

open source DCP update: need help testing

As a reader named Vincent posted in August on my open-source DCP process post, this method isn't foolproof. Last week I personally encountered the problem he described where a DCP ingests properly onto a Dolby DSS server, but then appears with a nasty red X on it saying "corrupt." This is happening with a DCP that ingests and plays just fine on a Doremi server.

For those keeping close notes, my problem was on a Dolby DSS100. Vincent's was on a DSS200. He also had a problem ingesting on what I assume was a Datasat DC20 server as well.

It is my goal to ferret out all of these problems and post the solutions here for everyone's benefit. If you have access to a server (or servers) and are willing to run some brief tests, you can help! Just let me know what kind of server(s) you can use and I'll get you access to a small DCP (< 1 Gb) that you can download and try to ingest/play.

Thanks in advance!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

For your consideration...

I am very excited to report that The Incident at Tower 37 has been submitted to the 83rd annual Academy Awards! Wherever it goes in the competition, I want to thank the supporters of the film from all over the world for rallying behind it during this wonderful festival run. This includes fest directors and programmers who picked it from the submission pool, to the audience members who came, watched, and shared their feelings with me about the film. You all are the reason we put so much effort into the festival run in the first place!

... and to those who have followed my DCP posts, yes: I submitted Tower to the Academy in the form of a home-rolled DCP.