Wednesday, April 15, 2009

codec buster

A technical digression...

Apple's ProRes codec has been doing great on "Tower 37." Once Schuyler told me about it, and once I started working with it, I decided to use it for final editing. So while I do have thousands of TIFFs lying around, it's the ProRes movies that I'm editing together and calling my master copy.

Trying to get the film looking its best for SIGGRAPH, I've returned to clean up old pops, aliasing artifacts, etc. All those changes have been made and no one but I will notice them (but I sleep better). But there's one I can't beat: banding on one particular shot.

The shot is u4_15 (does anyone care?). The bands are on Operator's hands when he grabs Leed. This JPG doesn't really do the situation justice, but believe me, in that gradient of light going from bright white (top of hand) to dark (bottom of hand), we get bands. And they're the kind of bands that, when the shot is moving, look worse rather than better.

This is the only place I can think of where I'm compromising by using ProRes. The alternative is to final with a TIFF codec, but that would be unmanageable in size, wouldn't play back at speed on any computer that I know of, and heck - it's only this shot that troubles me. One moment out of 10 minutes of moments. I hope you all don't even notice.

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Unknown said...

I see it, but I promise I won't notice.