Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a big week ahead

Welcome to Tower 37's week-long coming out party. Seven days, seven screenings at five different festivals all over the country (see the calendar for specifics). We go from Humboldt tomorrow to Somerville for IFFBoston on Thursday, then a day off before the three-in-one Saturday spanning Newport Beach, Athens Ohio, and Somerville again. Sunday is another Newport screening, and then Tuesday there's a show in Connecticut at the Hollywood East fest.

I will be representing on Saturday in Somerville, and producer Daniel will be covering things in southern California. I think he'll have more parties to go to than I will.

We're excited to hear your feedback. If you're able to see the film at one of these venues, and if you happen to visit this blog, please send us a story. What films screened alongside Tower 37 that you liked? How was Tower 37 received? Be the first to mail me a festival program from Athens, Humboldt, or Hollywood East and I'll send you a black bitfilms winter cap in return, modeled below by Kevin at the SENE fest in Providence.

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