Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ending with a bang

Well April seems to be THE month for Tower 37. April 2009 was our premiere month and we showed in 7 different fests. This April, we are already slated for 9 fests and there are still some we haven't heard back from. I keep the calendar as up to date as possible, so use it.

Some March/April festivals of note:
I have one story to share in advance of the big fest month; others will certainly follow.

You go to a film festival and want to see some animation, right? So you go to the animated shorts block. Makes sense. Unfortunately, though, at the Tiburon International Film Festival this week Tower 37 is NOT in the animated shorts block. Which wouldn't itself be a tragedy because we're paired with what looks like a cool movie about surfing. Except... they're at the exact same time. So you have to choose: animated shorts or Tower 37. I hope there's a good surfing contingent in Tiburon.

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