Wednesday, May 20, 2009

summer studio week 1 update

Thanks to all who applied for 2009 summer internships! The deadline has passed and the internship supervisors have already been meeting to discuss the applications.

I've got to say, it's great having daily Bit Films activity going on. We spent Monday cleaning up the studio space. Work began in earnest on Tuesday, with Evan working on concept paintings for Corset Sunrise and Bassam doing something that I can only assume was rigging. Josiah and Bassam had a lively open source/free software discussion behind me yesterday, too. I didn't grasp all of their insights but I could tell they were quite into it. When Blender Nation posted our internship call, we all watched the visitor traffic rocket up on Google analytics (and the application count, too).

I need to get my remaining spring term Hampshire work behind me so I can move onto my project! I will also try and tap the summer crew for imagery (and more) to include in these updates.

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