Friday, February 27, 2009

we are done

A pair of talks and screenings in Amherst and Tribeca this past week have marked the completion of "The Incident at Tower 37." Yes, I handed off the final picture and sound today to Creative Group in NYC and they will be making our HDCAM SR master. Any exhibition copies that aren't DVD or Blu-Ray will be spawned from that tape. So the film is out of my hands!

It was great to celebrate with the crew members who could be at one or both of the screenings. I thought it was a fitting tribute to the work of Evan and the rest of the sound team that the first question after both screenings was about the incredible soundtrack. I was not prepared for another question that came up in both venues: what's next?

For now, I'm going to keep my eyes on the festival situation and try to get the film seen as much as possible. I was particularly aware during both screenings of the laughs and gasps and other uncontrolled reactions people had to the film. The moments we dreamed up, engineered, and executed over the past years are finally connecting with people in many of the ways we hoped. This is an exciting phase, studying the efficacy of our choices on first-time viewers. The next scheduled screening is in March in LA, but I'm also hoping to schedule another Valley screening at a bigger and better venue sometime this spring.

Congratulations to all who worked on the project!

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