Saturday, January 24, 2009


Evan, Bishop, and I felt like stars on Wednesday and Thursday. Took a trip down to NYC for a Tower 37 celebratory dinner and, more importantly, an audio mastering session at Gary's Chop Shop, during which Gary took the audioscape of the film to the next level.

The mastering itself was more of a behind-the-scenes kind of thing; to wit, when we visited Gary on Wednesday night he had already located most of the sounds in space (surround is awesome) and Evan's soundtrack sounded all the more magical for it. We spent most of Thursday working on leveling and adding a bunch of Foley, not to mention laughing and hanging out and generally enjoying the feeling of being in some very capable hands. Gary dug into his libraries for sweet glass cracks, wood splinters, and sloshing water sounds. Oh! And the breathing. Op has come alive with the subtlety of that brilliant addition.

Can't figure out how to share the results of the session with this audience, at least not yet. But hopefully the festivals will respond positively and you'll get a chance to hear everything as it sounded when we left.

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