Sunday, August 3, 2008

13 instead of 10

Ouch. Not our best week, at a time when we need to stay pretty sharp. We finished two by last Wednesday, but then we hit a bit of a sticking point. My DSL connection from home has also been acting up; combine that with the complexities of even our simplest shake comps, and it effectively eliminated my ability to final shots from home. I feel like I'm back in the 300 baud days. Click... wait. Click... wait.

This is a fairly typical shake node graph for this show, from shot u7_22 which I hope to final shortly. Some static layers, some animating layers, some paint. What is killing me is that each FileIn node in this graph takes years to transfer from the disk at Hampshire to my machine. Even with "aggressive" caching set in shake, when I try to go back and forth with the arrow keys to ferret out pops and such, it becomes unusably slow.

I'll post again early next week with some final frames. I'm expecting a run of finals within the next 24 hours, including the 900-frame first shot of the show. Hoping to get us to 10 left as soon as possible.

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