Thursday, July 3, 2008


A good week, as they all need to be from now on. We finished 5 more shots. This week I'll feature a frame from u7_19, one of the shots we just finalized today:

This shot, from late in the film, shows the tower finally starting to give way. Water begins to spray out from the many cracks that have formed, and its collapse is inevitable.

This shot includes a hand-painted sky layer, animated particle sprays, a hand-painted (and then replicated) fence layer, rendered tower, cracks, pipes, and terrain, and some shake heat shimmer inserted near the base of the fence and the horizon. The jagged glass edge at the top was another 2D effect, as was the slight rippling of the water surface up there. Kudos to Will for that master stroke. At least five different people touched this shot in effects, lighting, and compositing.


Anonymous said...

Looking great! Can't wait to see it all cut together. I just got back to the valley, we should meet up soon.

Jake Blais said...

Just checked out the shots on Helga. This show is looking spectacular. Let me know if you need anything. Also, intrigued by your animating fast concept. Let's talk, I'm in the valley indefinately.