Thursday, April 10, 2008

summer computer animation internship

I'm considering offering a bit films summer production internship. It would have to begin as an unpaid internship, but the benefits (I think) would be fairly tempting for those curious about becoming computer animation professionals:
  • experience in a high-end, industry-grade production environment
  • exposure to tools such as Maya, Shake, RenderMan
  • access to a 100+ processor render farm
  • work experience on a major independent short film project
  • the opportunity to live and work in or around Amherst or Northampton Massachusetts!
I'm floating this idea here to see if I get any feedback on it. Would anyone find this tempting, or does "unpaid" = nobody? Any ideas for how I might promote this position and attract good applicants?

If it were to start this summer, my current show (Tower 37) would need compositing and/or lighting interns. Heck, if you read this and are curious, get in touch.


Anonymous said...

Really you offering a bit films summer production internship?

Chris Perry said...

Well I'm certainly thinking about it. At this stage I'm looking for feedback on the idea - what do YOU think?

Anonymous said...

hey Chris
i wanna do this internship badly am from Italy and would like to know how and if i can do it ,,, my email is
please let me know

Chris Perry said...

Alright. If you're interested in interning with Bit Films you should send me an email (perry at bitfilms dot com) describing why you want an internship, what you hope to do during your internship, and your relevant background and training. If you are a current student let me know what school you attend and where you are in your studies. Also make sure you identify the time frame in which you would like to be an intern.

If it looks like there will be an opening for the time range you specify (and a project that fits your interests and experience), I will then ask you to send a resume and a demo reel.

It is my expectation that interns will have enough expertise in one or more areas of production that they can make immediate contributions to our current project. They will work one-on-one with me and whatever crew is in place to deliver high-quality results with efficiency.

Once established as a solid crew member in one area, interns will have the opportunity to explore any other areas of interest that relate to the current project. Again, this exploration will happen with the guidance, teaching, and support of the rest of the crew.